CE2 Fusebox Pinout

VAG Wiring

ConnectorOutside FuseboxInside FuseboxColor
-3030B, for fuel pump powerMain Fusebox Battery PowerRed
-30B30, for fuel pump powerFuel Pump Relay InputRed
-Z1Injector Power (1990+ 8v), Glow Plug Fuse (diesel), inlet manifold pre-heat (carb)Fuel Pump/Glow Plug Relay OutputRed/Black or Red/Yellow (gas), Red/White (diesel and carb)
-Z2Battery GroundMain Fusebox GroundBrown
A1Front Wiring Harness, LeftYellow
A1/01Headlight, LeftHeadlight, Left, Fuse 1Yellow/Black
A1/02Turn Signal Light, Left FrontTurn Signal SwitchBlack/White
A1/03-Main Fusebox Ground-
A1/04Parking Light, Left FrontParking Lights, Left, Fuse 8Gray/Black
A1/05Radiator Cooling Fan ThermoswitchBattery Power, Fuse 19Red
A1/06High Beam Headlight, LeftHigh Beam Headlight, Left, Fuse 11White/Black
A1/07Horns, Radiator Cooling Fan After-Run Control UnitMain Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 13Black/Yellow
A1/08HornsHorn Relay OutputBrown/Black
A2Front Wiring Harness, RightYellow
A2/01Alternator (Exciter Wire) (Mk2, others 1990 only)Battery LightBlue
A2/02Parking Light, Right FrontParking Lights, Right, Fuse 7Gray/Red
A2/03Headlight, RightHeadlight, Right, Fuse 2Yellow
A2/04Turn Signal Light, Right FrontTurn Signal SwitchBlack/Green
A2/05Ground for Lights, Right FrontMain Fusebox GroundBrown
A2/06Alternator (W Terminal, Diesel only)TachometerRed/Black (diesel only)
A2/07High Beam Headlight, RightHigh Beam Headlight, Right, Fuse 12White
A2/08Fog LightsFog Light SwitchWhite/Yellow
BHeadlight Washer Wiring HarnessGreen
B/01To B/2 (Washer Pump Power)Headlight Washer Relay PowerGreen/Red
B/02To B/1Washer Pump Power (front)/Ground (rear)Green/Red
B/03To D/4 (Headlight power) or direct to Headlight SwitchHeadlight Switch Low Beam PowerWhite/Black
B/04To C/3 (Ground) or direct to GroundHeadlight Washer RelayBrown
B/05To Y/2 (Battery Power)Headlight Washer Relay InputRed
B/06Headlight Washer PumpHeadlight Washer Relay OutputRed
CEngine Wiring Harness, Basic AccessoriesYellow
C/01Brake Fluid Level SwitchBrake Warning LightBlue/Brown
C/02Washer Pump Power (front)/Ground (rear)Wiper Switch Washer Pump switchGreen/Red
C/03From B/4Main Fusebox GroundBrown
C/04Radiator Cooling Fan After-Run Control Unit (Corrado)Main Fusebox GroundBrown
C/05Low Coolant Level SenderMain Fusebox GroundBrown
C/06Low Coolant Level Sender (1989 only)Low Coolant Level Control UnitBlue/Red (1989 only)
C/07Washer Pump Ground (front)/Power (rear)Wiper Switch Washer Pump switchBrown/Blue
C/08Low Coolant Level Sender (1990+)Gauge ClusterBlue/Red (1990+)
DMiscellaneous EquipmentGreen
D/01-Alternator (Exciter Wire)-
D/02-Headlight, Left, Fuse 1-
D/03Heated Outside Mirrors (models with "always on" mirrors)Main Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 4Yellow/Green
D/04To B/3Headlight Switch Low Beam OutputWhite/Black
D/05Glove Compartment Light, Power Sunroof SwitchMain Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 4Black/Red
D/07ABS Hydraulic Pump RelayMain Fusebox Run PowerBlack/Yellow
D/08Auto. Trans. Shift Lock Control Module, Interlock Relay, Malfunction Indicator Switch, E/2 (cluster power for A3)Main Fusebox Start/Run PowerBlack
D/09Heated Washer Nozzles, Heated Seats, Power Window RelayMain Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 14Black
D/10Seatbelt Warning LightSeatbelt Warning Light from RelayWhite/Violet or Green
D/11Cruise Control Switch (manual transmission only), Power Mirror Switch, E/2 (Cluster Power, 1991+ Corrado, Passat, all other models)Main Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 14Black
D/12Cigarette Lighter, Auto. Trans. Console Light, Heated Seat Switch Light, Aux. Heater (EuroVan), Power Top Switch (Cabrio)Dash LightsGray/Blue
EInstrument Wiring HarnessGreen
E/01-Brake Warning Light-
E/02D/11 or D/8 (Start/Run Power for cluster, 1991+ Corrado, Passat, all other models), Immobilizer ModuleU2/1Black
E/03Brake Light SwitchBrake LightsRed/Black
E/04Brake Light SwitchMain Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 20Red/Yellow
E/05Fresh Air Control Lever Light, Cassette Storage Light, Ashtray Light, Glove Compartment Light (some models), Radio (some models), Diagnostic Connector (some models)Main Fusebox GroundBrown
FEngine Compartment/Management, Right SideWhite
F/01Starter, or Starting Interlock Relay, or Clutch Position Switch, or Auto. Trans. ControllerMain Fusebox Starter PowerRed/Black
F/03Alternator Exciter Wire (all cars 1991+ except Mk2)Battery LightBlue
F/04Engine Block, or Fuel Pump After-Run Relay (G60), or Ground for brake pad wear sensorsMain Fusebox GroundBrown
F/05Digifant ECU Pin 1, Thermotime Switch (CIS-E)Main Fusebox Starter PowerRed/Black (CIS-), Brown/Red (1989) or Red/Green (1990+) (Digifant)
F/06Back-Up Light Switch, Auto. Trans. PNP SwitchMain Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 14Black/Red
F/07Back-Up Light Switch, Auto. Trans. PNP SwitchBack-Up LightsBlack/Blue
F/08Crankcase Ventilation Heating Element (G60)Main Fusebox GroundBrown
F/09Auto. Trans. Control ModuleTachometer SignalRed/Black
F/10-(no pin)-
G1Engine Compartment/Management, Right SideWhite
G1/02Outside Air Temp Sender GroundGauge Cluster (MFA)Brown/White
G1/03ECU- Fuel Pump Relay Turn-On (gas), Engine Temp Sender (Pre-heat, diesel), thermoswitch for preheat (carb)Fuel Pump Relay PowerRed/Yellow (gas), Blue/White (diesel)
G1/04Ignition Coil Pin 15 (Digifant and CIS-E), Motronic ECU Pin 14 and coil power stage Pin 1(Motronic), Altitude Correction and Fuel Cut-Off Valves (diesel)Main Fusebox Start/Run PowerBlack (gas), Red/Black and Black/Red (diesel), Violet/White (carb)
G1/05Ground on Cylinder HeadGround (for gauges/warning lights)Brown/White
G1/06Motronic ECU Pin 34, Vehicle Speed SensorMain Fusebox GroundBrown/Red
G1/07Overrun Cutoff Valve, G60 Difigant ECU PowerOverrun Cutoff Relay, ECU RelayBrown/White (Carb only) or Black/White (G60 only)
G1/08Heated Oxygen Sensor PowerFuel Pump Relay Output, Fuse 18Red/White
G1/09MIL Lamp from ECU (TDI)Gauge Cluster MIL LightYellow/White
G1/10Digifant/Digijet ECU Power, Injector Power (1989 only), ISV Power (G60 only)Digifant ECU Relay OutputBlack/Yellow
G1/11Vehicle Speed SensorGauge ClusterWhite/Blue
G1/12Ignition Coil Pin 1 (all Mk2, most others '90 only), ECU tach signal (all 91+ except Mk2)TachometerRed/Black (coil) or Green/Black (ECU)
G2Engine Compartment/Management, Right SideWhite
G2/01Oil Temperature SenderGauge Cluster (MFA)Green/Black
G2/02Outside Air Temp SenderGauge Cluster (MFA)White/Red
G2/03Coolant Temperature Sending UnitCoolant GaugeYellow/Red
G2/04Knock Control Unit, Oxygen Control Unit, and Throttle Switches (CIS-E), automatic choke and overrun cutoff valve (carb), Heated O2 Sensor (Digijet), Fuel Pump After-Run Control Unit and Crankcase Ventilation Heater (G60)Main Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 15White (carb), Black (all others)
G2/05MIL Light from Motronic ECU (Passat VR6)Glow Plug Relay Pin 9Yellow/White
G2/06-Fuel Pump Relay Pin 5-
G2/07Door Switches (Cabrio A3.5)Fuel Pump Relay Pin 7, T1Brown/White
G2/08Secondary Air Injection Pump Power, EVAP Canister Valve Power (VR6)Fuel Pump Relay OutputRed/Blue
G2/09VR6/ABA Motronic ECU (Fuel Pump Input)Fuel Pump Relay InputRed
G2/10High Oil Pressure SwitchOil Pressure Warning UnitYellow
G2/11Low Oil Pressure SwitchOil Pressure Warning UnitBlue/Black
G2/12-(no pin)-
H1Steering Column Wiring HarnessRed
H1/01Ignition Switch Starter Run, or from Starter Interlock RelayMain Fusebox Starter PowerRed/Black
H1/02Ignition Switch Battery PowerBattery PowerRed
H1/03Ignition Switch Run PowerLoad Reduction Relay PowerBlack/Yellow
H1/04Ignition Switch Start/Run PowerMain Fusebox Start/Run PowerBlack
H1/05Emergency Flasher Switch (Turn Signal power)Main Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 17Black/Blue
H1/06Horn Button, Emergency Flasher Switch, Turn Signal SwitchMain Fusebox GroundBrown
H1/07Ignition Switch Key-in Power for Seatbelt Relay, Automatic Shoulder Belt Control Module, RadioSeatbelt Warning Relay Pin 5Brown/Red
H1/08Wiper Switch Washer Pump switchWasher Pump Power (front)/Ground (rear)Green/Red
H1/09Wiper Switch Washer Pump switchWasher Pump Ground (front)/Power (rear)Green/White
H1/10Ignition Switch Power When OffH2/05Green
H2Steering Column Wiring HarnessRed
H2/01Horn ButtonHorn Relay PowerBrown/Blue
H2/02From Parking Light Switch, RightParking Lights, RightGreen/Red
H2/03From Parking Light Switch, LeftParking Lights, LeftGreen/Black
H2/04Emergency Flasher Switch, Turn Signal Switch (right output)Turn Signal Lights, RightBlack/Green
H2/05Power To Parking Light SwitchH1/10Green
H2/06Emergency Flasher Switch, Turn Signal Switch (left output)Turn Signal Lights, LeftBlack/White
H2/07-(no pin)-
H2/08Emergency Flasher Switch, Turn Signal Switch InputFlasher Relay OutputBlack/White/Green
JSteering Column Wiring HarnessRed
J/01High Beam Headlight Switch, Daytime Running Lights Relay (Golf only)Low Beam Headlight FusesWhite
J/02High Beam Headlight SwitchHeadlight Switch Low Beam OutputWhite/Black
J/03High Beam Headlight Switch, Daytime Running Lights Resistance (Jetta only), Dim Driving Lights (pin 56D with resistor, UK only)High Beam Headlight FusesYellow
J/04High Beam Headlight Switch, Emergency Flasher SwitchMain Fusebox Battery PowerRed/Yellow
J/05Wiper Switch Low/Park Output (positive when low/moving, ground when parked/off)Washer/Wiper Relay (low/park input)Green
J/06Wiper Switch Intermittent OutputWasher/Wiper RelayBrown/Black
J/07Wiper SwitchMain Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 5Black/Gray
J/08Emergency Flasher Switch (Flasher Relay Power)Flasher Relay Power/InputWhite/Yellow
J/09Wiper SwitchWindshield Wiper Motor Park Switch (positive when moving, grounded when parked)Green/Black
J/10Wiper Switch High OutputWindshield Wiper Motor (High)Green/Yellow
KRear Wiring HarnessBlack
K/01Turn Signal, Left RearTurn Signal Switch (left output)Black/White
K/02Parking Light, Right RearParking Lights, Right, Fuse 7Gray/Red
K/03Parking Light, Left RearParking Lights, Left, Fuse 8Gray/Black
K/04Brake LightsBrake Light SwitchBlack/Red
K/05License Plate LightsPlate Lights, Fuse 3Gray/Green
K/06Rear Window Wiper Park SwitchMain Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 4Black/Yellow
K/07Turn Signal, Right RearTurn Signal Switch (right output)Black/Green
K/08Back-Up Lights, Automatic Belt Control Module, Right (Corrado/Passat)Back-Up Light SwitchBlack
K/09Rear Window Wiper MotorRear Window Wiper RelayGreen/Black
K/10Rear Fog LightFog Light SwitchGreen/White
K/11Fuel Gauge Ground (1990-92 A2 only), Rear Spoiler Control Unit Ground (Corrado), Rear Ashtray Light Ground (Passat, A3), Interior Lights (A3), Sunroof (some models), Rear Ashtray Light, Chassis GroundMain Fusebox GroundBrown/Blue (A2), Brown/White (Corrado)
K/12Rear Window Defogger, Heated Mirrors (models with switched mirror heating)Rear Window Defogger SwitchWhite
LInterior Wiring HarnessBlack
L/01Parking Brake Switch, Interior Lights (some models), Diagnostic Connector (some models)Main Fusebox GroundBrown
L/02Driver's Door Switch, Seatbelt Switch (models without Automatic Belts)Seatbelt Warning Relay Pin 3/86 (Door Open)Gray/Red, Black/White (Automatic Belts)
L/03Automatic Shoulder Belt System B Pillar Switch (Corrado/Passat), or Parking Lights (models with Parking Light Buzzer)Seatbelt Warning Relay Pin 7/GB (Passenger Belt Not Ready), Pin 7/58 (Parking Light Buzzer)Gray/Black
L/04Seatbelt Switch, Starter Interlock Relay, Driver Side B Pillar Magnetic Switch (Automatic Belts/Driver Belt Not Buckled)Seatbelt Warning Relay Pin 2/GFBlack/Green, Brown/Yellow and/or Brown/Blue, or Gray/Red
L/05Luggage Compartment LightMain Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 21Red
L/06Parking Brake SwitchBrake Warning LightBrown/Yellow
L/07Interior Lights, Diagnostic Connector, Central Locking, Power Sunroof Motor (1993+)Main Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 21Red
L/08-(no pin)-
MFuel Tank Wiring HarnessBlack
M/01Fuel Pumps GroundMain Fusebox GroundBrown
M/02Fuel Pumps PowerFuel Pump Relay Output, Fuse 18Red/Yellow
M/03Fuel Gauge Sending UnitFuel GaugeViolet/Black
M/04Water Separator Sender (diesel)Glow Plug Relay Pin 9, Glow Plug LightBlue/Green
M/05Water Separator Power (diesel), Cassette Storage Light (some models), Rear Spoiler Control Unit (Corrado), Power Sunroof Switch (1993+)Main Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 16Black, Black/Yellow (diesel), Black/Blue (Corrado)
M/06Fuel Gauge Sending Unit (1989 A2, All Other Models)Ground (for gauges/warning lights)Brown/Blue
NAir Conditioning Wiring HarnessGreen
N/01Fresh Air Fan, Climatronic UnitA/C Relay High Speed Fan OutputBlack
N/02Radiator Cooling Fan Low SpeedA/C Relay Cooling Fan “On" OutputRed/White
N/03Main Heater Fuse, From BatteryA/C Relay Pin 4Red
N/04A/C compressor (via thermostat and pressure switches)A/C Relay Compressor OutputGreen/Yellow
N/05A/C SwitchA/C Relay A/C "On" SwitchRed/Black
N/06Fan Speed 4, Climatronic UnitA/C Relay High Speed Fan InputYellow/Red
PDefrost/Fog Light Switch Wiring HarnessBlue
P/01Fog Light Switch Front Fog Lights PowerFront Fog LightsWhite/Yellow
P/02Rear Window Defogger Switch, Heated Mirrors (1989-early 1990 only)Main Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 9Black/Yellow, Black (1989 only)
P/03Rear Window Defogger Switch, Heated Mirrors (1982+ Corrado, Passat)Rear Window DefoggerWhite/Green
P/04Fog Light Switch PowerFog Light Relay, Fuse 10Gray/Yellow
P/05Rear Window Defogger Switch Light and Indicator LightMain Fusebox GroundBrown
P/06Fog Light Switch Rear Fog Light PowerRear Fog LightGreen/White
P/07Rear Window Defogger Switch LightDash LightsGray/Blue
P/08Fog Light Switch Light and Rear Indicator LightMain Fusebox GroundBrown
P/09Fog Light Switch LightDash LightsGray/Blue
P/10-(no pin)-
QDashboard Misc. Wiring HarnessBlue
Q/01Cigarette Lighter, Ashtray Light, Diagonostic Connector, Luggage Compartment Release Switch, Door Lock/Unlock Switch (A3), AC Switch (some models), Interior Fan (some models), Fresh Air Control Panel Light (some models), Glove Compartment Light (some models)Main Fusebox GroundBrown
Q/02Fresh Air Fan/AC Switch or Climatronic UnitMain Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 6Black/Red
Q/03Cigarette Lighter, Radio, Amplified Speaker PowerMain Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 22Red/Gray
Q/04Cassette Storage Light (some models), Glove Compartment Light (some models), Climatronic Unit, Voltmeter and Oil Pressure Gauge (Corrado)Main Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 16Black/Yellow
Q/05Power Antenna PowerMain Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 21Red
Q/06Radio, Cigarette Lighter/Ashtray Light, Climate Control Unit, Cassette Storage Light (some models), Accessory Gauges (Corrado)Dash LightsGray/Blue
RLight Switch Wiring HarnessBlue
R/01Fog Light Switch Rear Fog Light PowerU1/13Gray/White
R/02Headlight Switch Parking Lights (Left) OutputParking Light Fuse (Left)Gray/Black
R/03Headlight Switch Dash Light Dimmer InputDash Lights, Fuse 3Gray
R/04Headlight Switch Dash Light Dimmer OutputDash LightsGray/Blue
R/05Headlight Switch Parking Lights PowerMain Fusebox Battery PowerRed
R/06Headlight Switch Parking Lights (Right) OutputParking Light Fuse (Right)Gray/Red
R/07Headlight Switch Parking Lights OutputDash Light Dimmer/Plate Light FuseGray/Green
R/08Headlight Switch (Light), Defroster Switch (models with combined head/fog light switch)Main Fusebox GroundBrown
R/09Headlight Switch Low Beam OutputHeadlight FusesWhite/Black
R/10Headlight Switch Run PowerLoad Reduction Relay PowerBlack/Yellow
SWiper Motor Wiring HarnessWhite
S/01Windshield Wiper Motor Power To Park SwitchMain Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 5Black/Gray
S/02Windshield Wiper MotorWasher/Wiper Relay (high output)Green
S/03Windshield Wiper MotorMain Fusebox GroundBrown
S/04Windshield Wiper Motor Park Switch (positive when moving, ground when parked)Wiper SwitchGreen/Black
S/05Windshield Wiper Motor (High)Wiper Switch High OutputGreen/Yellow
TEngine Management, Europe Wiring HarnessGreen
T1-Fuel Pump Relay Pin 7-
U1Instrument Cluster Wiring HarnessBlue
U1/01Gauge Cluster (MFA)Oil Temperature SenderBlack/White
U1/02Gauge Cluster (MFA)Outside Air Temp SenderViolet
U1/03Gauge Cluster (Oil Pressure Warning Unit)High Oil Pressure SwitchYellow
U1/04Gauge Cluster (warning lights/gauges) (1990 Corrado and Passat, all A2)Main Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 16Black
U1/05Gauge Cluster (Oil Pressure Warning Unit)Low Oil Pressure SwitchRed/White
U1/06Gauge Cluster TachometerIgnition Coil Pin 1Green
U1/07Gauge Cluster (MFA)Outside Air Temp Sender GroundBlue/White
U1/08Gauge Cluster Glow Plug Light (diesel only), MIL Light (Passat VR6)Glow Plug Relay Pin 9Green/White (diesel), Yellow/White
U1/09Gauge Cluster MIL Lamp (TDI)TDI/Motronic ECUWhite
U1/10Gauge Cluster (main ground)Main Fusebox GroundBrown
U1/11Gauge Cluster SpeedometerVehicle Speed SensorWhite
U1/12Gauge Cluster Fuel GaugeFuel Gauge Sending UnitBlue
U1/13Gauge Cluster Rear Fog Light Indicator (Transporter- Europe)Rear Fog Light Switch (R/1)White
U1/14Gauge ClusterDash LightsGray
U2Instrument Cluster Wiring HarnessBlue
U2/01Gauge Cluster (lights/gauges) (1991+ Corrado, Passat, all other models)E/2Black
U2/02Gauge ClusterSpeed SensorViolet
U2/03Gauge Cluster (Corrado/A3)Seatbelt Warning Light from RelayYellow
U2/04Gauge Cluster (MFA)MFA Switch (Mode)Black
U2/05Gauge Cluster (1990+)Low Coolant Level SenderViolet (1990+)
U2/06Gauge Cluster Turn signal lightFlasher Relay OutputGreen
U2/07Gauge Cluster High Beam LightHigh Beam Headlight, Left, Fuse 11Blue/White
U2/08Gauge Cluster (MFA)MFA Switch (Memory 1/2)Green/White
U2/09Gauge Cluster Coolant GaugeCoolant Temperature Sending UnitYellow/Red
U2/10Gauge Cluster Brake Warning Light (A3)Brake Warning LightBrown
U2/11Gauge Cluster (clock and MFA)Main Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 21Red
U2/12Gauge Cluster Battery LightAlternator (Exciter Wire)Blue
U2/13Gauge Cluster (Ground for gauges/MFA)Ground (for gauges/warning lights)Brown/White
U2/14Gauge Cluster (MFA)MFA Switch (Reset)Gray
VMFA Switch Wiring HarnessGreen
V/01MFA Switch (Memory ½)Gauge Cluster (MFA)Red/White
V/02MFA Switch (Ground)Ground (for gauges/warning lights)Brown/White
V/03MFA Switch (Mode)Gauge Cluster (MFA)Blue/Yellow
V/04MFA Switch (Reset)Gauge Cluster (MFA)Yellow/Red
WABS Wiring HarnessGreen
W/01Motronic ECU Pin 2, Cruise Control Unit, Rear Spoiler Control Unit, Radio, Climatronic Unit, Radio BuzzerSpeed SensorWhite/Yellow
W/02ABS Control Unit, Diagnostic ConnectorABS Warning LightGray/Black
W/03-Main Fusebox Run Power-
W/04ABS Control Unit, Auto. Trans. Shift Lock Control Module, Cruise Control UnitBrake LightsBlack/Red
W/05ABS Pressure SwitchesWarning LightsBrown/White
W/06ABS Brake Fluid Level Switch and Control UnitWarning LightsWhite/Blue
XExtra Warning Lights Wiring HarnessGreen
X/01Warning LightsMain Fusebox Starter PowerRed/Black
X/02Ground for warning lightsMain Fusebox GroundBrown
X/03Brake Warning Light, ABS light (A3), Power Top Module (Cabrio)Brake Warning LightGray or White/Red (A3)
X/04Start/Run Power for warning lights, Power Top Module (Cabrio)Main Fusebox Start/Run Power, Fuse 16Black
X/05ABS Warning LightsABS Brake Fluid Level Switch and Control UnitWhite/Blue
X/06Trailer Towing LightFlasher Relay-
X/07ABS Warning LightsABS Pressure SwitchesBrown/White
X/08ABS Warning LightABS Control Unit, Diagnostic ConnectorYellow/Red
YIndividual Circuits, Battery PowerRed
Y/01Power Seat Fuse, Automatic Shoulder Belt Control ModuleMain Fusebox Battery PowerRed
Y/02Starting Interlock Relay, Power Window FuseMain Fusebox Battery PowerRed
Y/03Battery PositiveMain Fusebox Battery PowerRed
Y/04Motronic ECU Pin 19, Fuel Pump After-Run Control Unit (G60)Main Fusebox Battery PowerRed